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58-yr-old male. Married to a wonderful woman with whom I've had three awesome sons. Two are in the military (Army and Marine Corps) and one is an engineer. We have one beautiful granddaughter. I'm a financial journalist who writes about the commercial real estate capital markets. Less than a month ago, I had cramping in my abdomen - not a stomach cramp, but abdominal. It grew and eventually started causing pain in my kidneys. That's when I went to the doc. She ordered a CT scan and an hour after, she called to tell me to check into the hospital. A biopsy showed lymphoma. The fear was that my pancreas was cancerous as well. Went to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, got a pancreatic biopsy. It ruled out pancreatic. Phew. Had my first RCHOP treatment on 9 May, 2019. Will get a Methotrexate treatment next week. Even though I've been told of potential side effects, the back pain is ... well, a pain. The nausea sucks. The lethargy is awful. But the back pain stinks.

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May 18, 2019

Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18902

November 25, 1960

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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

April 25

So far, the pain from the rchop and the fact that I can't socialize. I like to be with people.

It sucks.

walk a lot if possible.

stay busy, read

started getting cramping feeling in my abdomen that eventually caused pain to my kidneys. Went to the doc, who ordered a CT scan. They found a large growth. I started treatment, Rchop, on 5/9/2019. Doc also ordered Methotrexate as precaution.


RCHOP, 5/9/2019. back pain, lethargy, nausea



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